Sugar house primary school

Role: Design Architects
Status: Planning Approved March 2016
Location: Newham, East London
Client: Vastint UK B.V.
Value: Confidential
Area: 4,000sq/m

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RAW has secured planning permission on behalf of Vastint UK for a new build, 4,000sq/m, 2 form entry, 420 pupil primary school. The scheme is part of an ongoing 26 acre master plan on the River Lea and Three Mills River in Newham, East London.

The genesis of the project lies within the development of optimum environmental conditions within a single teaching space, achieved through detailed architectural design, incorporating an integral and intelligent building services strategy. The creation of a dedicated and enclosed building services volume, nicknamed ’the battery pack’, which occupies the centre of the plan, provides the opportunity to ‘plug in' all necessary services to each individual classroom, via an independent ‘teaching wall’. This strategy significantly and radically minimises the presence of exposed services within the teaching spaces themselves and the building as a whole, improving floor to ceiling heights, daylight levels, acoustic performance, clarity of space, thermal comfort and construction co-ordination. A sequence of spaces from street to classroom were subsequently developed. Significant emphasis was placed on the development of the internal characteristics, with each element evolving to respond to the scale of a child and their daily routines.


The architectural expression of the building is influenced by the former industrial character of the site, the developing language of the surrounding new build proposals and the existing listed Sugar House Building. Each façade consists of a series of pre-cast concrete panels, some of which are etched with a simple, abstract pattern, referencing the activities of historic sugar house refinery. The scale, proportions and rhythm of the elevational treatment reflect the scale of spaces on each level, with larger more public spaces at the ground floor, changing to smaller more private spaces as the building rises. The scheme incorporates community use facilities and private roof top play space enclosed by light rose pink perforated metal panels. The building has been designed to be simple, functional, robust, fun and inspiring.